About the Society


Our Society

The Slovenian Native Fish Society was established at the founding assembly on 7th December 2010 in accordance with the Slovenian Societies Act. Our aim is to connect people with an interest in fish and their environment around Slovenia and to integrate with similar organizations at national and international level. Our primary goal is to protect fish and their habitats through research, nature conservation activities, awareness raising, editorial and educational activities and cooperation with other national and international NGOs and authorities.

We have included the following functions in our Society’s Statute:

  •  conservation activities: protection of species, habitats
  •  professional and scientific research in the fields of ichthyology, restoration and conservation,
  • scientific publication: professional and scientific texts, studies and assessments,
  • education and teaching: workshops, seminars, scientific meetings/conferences, field trips,
               excursions, research campaigns, publication and dissemination of information and educational materials,
  • issuing journal of the Society and other publications in printed or electronic form.

To help attain the above goals, our society can also carry out some other activities:

  • marketing and advertising in the field of fish and fisheries in the journal of the Society or in other scientific and popular literature,
  • implementation of projects,
  • preparation of expert opinions,
  • manufacturing and marketing of products with the Society’s emblem,
  • marketing of other material (photographs, short movies)
  • organization of larger events (lectures, seminars, training courses, conferences) designed to educate and inform public


Join us !

Membership in the Slovenian Native Fish Society is voluntary and public. Anyone who submits the application and covers the membership can become a member. As a member, you are obliged to comply with the provisions of the Statute and other regulations of the Slovenian Native Fish Society. The filled-in application form should be sent to: Slovenian Native Fish Society, Polanškova 24, 1231 Ljubljana-Črnuče or a signed scan to the e-mail address: dprslovenije@gmail.com.