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27 marec 2015, at 22:05

Friday, March 6th 2015 at 17:35

Dear Minister for Agriculture and the Environment!

The publication of this article is a little late but the case is an ongoing issue. On 14th April 2014 I saw a show OKUSI BREZ MEJA (eng.: Flavours without borders) on Gea TV. The content of the show took my breath away. The show was dedicated to breeding freshwater fish huchen (Danube salmon) in a fishfarm in Slovenia to commercial size – appropriate, plate size , e.g. best selling. The show presented a fishfarm, living and slaughtered Danube salmon, and some happy customers who enjoyed baked huchen with an addition of good wine. Everybody was immensely satisfied, while I was shocked and horrified in front of the TV…

Whole article is available only in Slovene.

Keywords: huchen, danube salmon

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